Lenny Brooks


Lenny Brooks began playing guitar at age 13 when he took a folk guitar class in junior high school to get out of a history class. His father bought him a cheap classical guitar that was hanging on a wall in a bar for $25. In spite of the cheese grater action, he learned a few chords and how to finger pick.  A girl in the class taught him Stairway to Heaven. His sister’s boyfriend gave him a cassette of Robin Trower’s Bridge of Sighs and that was the end of folk guitar!

Being an army brat and moving every 2 years gave Lenny plenty of practice time.  In a constant state of being the new kid Lenny found solace in his music. At 19, fuelled by the love of music and the Gypsy life-style the military provided, he went on the road for a music company called the Young American Showcase. There he met his lifelong friend and partner in crime, Tony LeClerc. After touring together in bands for several years, the two landed in N.Y.C. to write music and pursue a recording contract.

Together they formed one of the biggest- drawing hard rock heavy metal bands in the tri state area called BIG BAD WOLF. After more than a decade playing the N.Y. scene Tony convinced Lenny to move to Fl. where he had recently found his birth family. Tony’s sister Schascle (Twinkle) asked him to put together a band to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of her Warner Brothers debut album out of that Rock Soul Radio was born.

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