Rock. Soul. Radio.

Rock. Soul. Radio.

Welcome to the Official website for Twinkle and Rock.Soul.Radio!

RSR is Twinkle Yochim, Tony LeClerc, Lenny Brooks and Benny Puckett.

LeClerc and Yochim are long-lost brother and sister. Tony searched for his family and finally found Twinkle. It’s an amazing story. Not only did he find his sister Twinkle, but they had inherited the same deep-groove musical genes! Veteran recording artist, Twinkle (Schascle) Yochim had already having survived major label deals with Warner Brothers records, EMI America and Fame records, the production name for Muscle Shoals Studios.

At the age of twenty eight, when she was found by LeClerc, Tony was also a career musician. (You can find all band members individual bio’s here on this site.  They read like a “who’s who” of Rock and Roll!)  Rock.Soul.Radio! was formed when Tony was asked to put together a band to perform Twinkle’s Warner Bros. release “Haunted by Real Life” in its entirety, as it was recorded.  Tony’s closest friend and band mate of many years, Lenny brooks, was tapped for guitar along with monster drummer, Troy Parrish.

RSR is an unapologetic, straight up guitar rock band, but it goes much deeper than that. There’s as much Aretha Franklin in there as there is Rolling Stones and as much Allman Brothers as there is Aerosmith.

Rock.Soul.Radio, the self-titled album by the band, recorded at Spirit Ranch Studios in Sarasota, Florida, was produced, recorded and engineered by Jerry Jordan, (Madonna, Sheryl Crow, Roger Waters, Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac) and Grammy award winner Bud Snyder (The Allman Bros Band, Government Mule, Jeff Buckley) and is getting rave reviews and radio airplay around the world. Some have called Rock.Soul.Radio “a brilliant statement of Retro Rock.”  Others have stated “this is the real deal!  Finally, some REAL Rock and Roll!” Doug Gray, lead vocalist of The Marshall Tucker Band said “only once in a lifetime do you come across a singer as great as this! I want to introduce Twinkle and Rock.Soul.Radio to the world!”

  • "Twinkle! My God! I love you! I’m in love with you! I love the way you sing girl!" -Steven Tyler Aerosmith, American Idol
  • "Only once in a lifetime do you hear a voice as great as this! I want to introduce Twinkle to the world!" -Doug Gray The Marshall Tucker Band
  • "Twinkle is the greatest soul singer I’ve seen in a very long time, and believe me I’ve seen my share of imitators" -The late Jerry Wexler, legendary producer of Aretha Franklin


  • "Right good band mate, Right good band! Twinkles voice is perfection....and she’s got a lovely arse!" -Brian Johnson ACDC
  • "Twinkle! My God in heaven, you're amazing.....America, YOU'RE WELCOME!" -Carson Daily On Last call with Carson Daily.

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