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Gratitude is a Tool

Gratitude is a Tool

My mother was a therapist in my teen years.   She raised me with philosophies from the East and was always teaching me what she learned. I use many of these tools every day and I’m reminded that our state of emotion and mind effects our health and of course our decision making. But, my hardest emotions, regret, worry, fear, betrayal, heartbreak, hate, jealousy, etc., take more effort sometimes.

Going through the program helped me a great deal, I was able to eliminate the 'rat on the wheel' and forgive the past, myself and others. The tools I have learned throughout my life are great gifts that I use every single day, and am so grateful for.  Lately though, going through a legal drama with an ex friend, it's harder to let go of some of these feelings and I find myself waking up with it all on my mind and heavy in my gut.  The magic of this baby is that I look at her and realize that I would trade everything in the world for her to be here, happy and healthy, and she is.

 So I say Thank You Gods of the Universe for sending this child here. She is magic incarnate and I am eternally grateful. Thanks for reminding me how enormously lucky I am, and helping me to get out of my own head and my own selfish concerns. Thank you for teaching me what is Truly Important. Gratitude, it's a tool, and I'm grateful for it.

Yochim out
Thanks for listening

PS.  ...............Later, I took Baby to see her Dad, Joseph Viqueira, at Blake Hospital for the first time because they don't let kids in the ICU. But now they've moved him into the regular unit.  When we walked in, Solara and I, he kissed her face about 17 times, and through his tears he said quietly, "I'm just so glad to be here."  "Yeah, we're so glad you're here too", I said, and then Solara's face got solemn, and she reached out her hands to his face, and then took his hand and kissed it....

I like Joan Rivers' quote, "That's the problem with you young comics; you don't know when you're lucky."  

Thanks Joan...................

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  • "Only once in a lifetime do you hear a voice as great as this! I want to introduce Twinkle to the world!" -Doug Gray The Marshall Tucker Band
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  • "Twinkle! My God in heaven, you're amazing.....America, YOU'RE WELCOME!" -Carson Daily On Last call with Carson Daily.

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