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Today I am Most Grateful for Patti Brainard

Twinkle Yochim and Patty Brainard

Today I am most grateful for our friend Patti B. Brainard, a consummate musician, smartass and person.  She plays Chain of Fools with me like no other. She's been a part of my life since I was 13, when she used to sneak me in the side door by the stage at her shows with SAMURAI so that I could jam with them. That kind of support for a young singer was so inspirational and fueled my fire to be on stage. (Thank you, Patti).  I love her, but I am not alone. Everyone loves Patti.  Recently she found out that she has cancer, and the rapid change in her health was alarming.  

A week or so ago she asked me to come get her plants. We share a love of gardening and seed collecting and Patti is great at getting things started, she has the patience and consistency needed to get seeds and young plants going. She starts seeds from fruits and veggies that she's gotten at the produce stand, which I have always found to be the most fun, and the most magical. Like WOW, food comes from itself, the circle of life, the universe is so awesome, that kind of thing.

I finally got over there on Christmas Eve.  I won't go into any detail of my friend’s state of health, but I will go into detail of what she said about it.  She told me her process, and what’s been done, etc. but then she said something so profound and simple that I will never forget.

 "I've lived a great life, I would of course like more, anybody would, but you can't look back at my life and say anything but it's been a full and great one. Life is short and sweet, gotta love every minute. "

Wow, Ok. Her attitude is real, and we discussed things in a very matter of fact way like we always do. I appreciate Patti's company also because it’s a drama free zone.  

My visit with Patti left me in a state of happiness, and some weird kind of assertiveness. I'll explain. The next day, Christmas day, my family and friends were gathering together to go to Wauchula and some persons (who shall remain nameless) were stressing and complaining about the time, ‘why did we leave early’, ‘there's not enough room’, ‘blah, blah’, etc. And I've been stressing about another thing with an ex-manager. So I said, "My friend has Cancer and her attitude is amazing, so........I have zero tolerance for bitching about little things. In fact I declare a NO BITCHING ZONE. I wasn't angry, well maybe a little, but I was inspired to carry that Patti attitude (Pattitude) around for a while. And now I think I will forever carry it in my soul. Life is short and sweet.  I don't know what's on the other side, but I know that we are here right now, and we are all together in this, so remember 'Don't sweat the small stuff, you'll miss the big picture, find joy in the little things and you'll be happy all the time, and we could go at any moment, let's make this moment wonderful’.  Like Patti, I am most grateful......................

I love you Patti B, and thanks for believing in me.

Thanks for listening, I'll probably add to this later, but I have to go set up at the Five O’clock Club. Bye


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